Friday, October 26, 2012

October 22, 2012

Elder Watson -Almost 4 months and still alive

so lets see.... this week was a little different lol first we went along and did all of the normal stuff that we normally do contacting teaching and messing around like two nineteen yearold boys and it was all pretty cool and relaxed. so last tuesday me and another companionship in my district went on cambios. well this time it was my turn to take the other new gringo and go throughout a day in my area. well anyway this missionary is six feet eight inches and just shy as anybody can be lol. so all was good a normal day in the mission. all of our appointments fell through and we were basically left to contacting all day long which isnt really that bad lol. but once the people go on a tangent me and my companion had no idea what was going on and we would just look at each other which is pretty crazy lol. so every day as you know we go and eat with a sister from the ward. this time was with a new convert that my trainer baptised before i arrived. everything was good we ate had conversation shared a scripture and then hell itself walked into the door. her father who is an anti mormon drunk walked in screaming he asked me with some vulgor language how i was doing i without event thinking i said good hermano how are you. at this point her children are screaming she is yelling and it is just crazy. he flipped on me because i said hermano. he then started pushing me in my chair screaming at me and one time put his hand in my face and pushed it aways. the sisster throughout all this time is trying to get him away. anyway finally after about half an hour of his presence he finally left. she came back into the house crying. telling me about how sick she is of him and all of this. i was able to comfort her and eventually got her and the kids to calm down and we were are to talk about why we have struggles and challenges in our lives. i know that we all have them. alot of the time our challenges seem so much bigger than those of others but it is all so important that we remember that god will never put anything in our way that is not to our benefit. if we are livign the way we can and should be there is nothing that we cant do. i know it sounds a little cheesy but remember that i was dropped off in a completely different country where they dont speak english just a few weeks ago. i am so greatful for the opportunity i have to be here in veracruz mexico losing myself in order to find myself.i really truly love you all and miss yyou all. i got a few letter this week. thank you sister maughn sister richardson sister robles and brother damron. i really appreciated the letters even i know that you sent them like two months ago lol. thank you. we have a stake conference this week and also five baptisms planned for the next few weeks so i will write you next week let you know how that went. love you. hear elder hall and elder hall are doing great and i am glad to hear that.

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