Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ye Haw!! My 1st Transfer....

Adios mi amigos y Hermono

so this week i recieved a transfer. i am going to a zone in tuxtapec the ward of moctezuma. i am excited for this opportunity that i had to love and be loved by the ward of buenavista and it was really hard to say goodbye to them all. its truly amzing how much love somebody can feel from people of a different language and country. even more powerful, its amazing to see and feel people united in the love of jesus christ our savior. i dont have much time to write this week because my time was cut short because of all the travel plans i had to learn but i would like to testify of the love that god has for us. god loves us so much and i see it in all that i do here as a missionary. seeing people repent and use the atonement of jesus christ. people gettting out of there seats to go and sit next to or introduce themselves to people who are knew in the ward. feeding and caring for the missionaries. all of these things that i have witnessed and felt here in the ward buenavista are testimonies to me that god loves me. as i went house to house wishing goodbye to everyone we could mutually feel the love that we had for one another as the tears filled up the eyes of the families and poor little elder watson. i am so thankfull that i have this opportunity to be a representative of jesus christ 24/7 adn love his children and serve them. people often wonder why a young man would leave during his prime years for two years. well i can now testify of why. we leave to change our lives and those of others. we leave to love. we leave to serve. most importantly we leave to bless the lives of others and the lives of ourselves. we do this by using the wonderful gift of repentence and then enter into the world and bare testimony of the love that our heavenly has for us. so great is his love that he has given his only begotten that whosoever believeth in him will have eternal life. i testify of this love which i have felt from the people here in mexico and also forom all of you at home. eevry person in my ward that i said goodbye too wished the best for me and for all my friends and family and i do too. i love you all and miss you all. here are a few pictures of the loving people of my ward here in buenavista.

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