Friday, October 26, 2012

October 15, 2012

his week was a little better than the rest because there was a special
little boy in the way. emilio ortiz aguilar was the first baptism of my
mission. it is crazy that a person so young can accept the gospel but that
just goes to show that the doctrine and spirit are what people are really
hjearing and seeing. so we went to his house after the baptism and we ate
some delicious fried fish thing lol. then after that emilio went to start
playing with me and his grandma yelled at him and told him to stop because
he has to show respect for his godfather. oops lol so i now have a godson
lol no biggy. it was an amazing week though. we have baptisms lined up and
it really feels like things are flying here in the field. the other day we
were walking home adn we saw a disabled man in his wheel chair pushing
along the destroyed street struggling with all his might. it was so sad.
drool running down his face and his hands barely strong enough to grip the
wheels. we then helped him to his house and attempted to talk to him but he
was uncapable. we walked him about a mile to a huge hill. then we went up
the hill and the whole time i am thinking and wondering how he does this
and then he says i dont like this part i fall a lot here. i just starting
crying. it is amazing the things that we have to do but this just goes to
prove that we are never givin anything that we can not do. we may fall in
our wheel chair and backtrack a mile downhill. but we can do it if wee have
the desire. we then got to his house and me and my companion gave him money
and left. it was a wonderful experience. then on a different day after
conference someday i tried really hard tnot to deny a prompting so we were
walking one day down a street we passed a house i lookes in and made eye
contact with a man and kept walking. i then thought to go back. i stopped
told my companion we are going back and we went back. we presented
ourselves and he allowed us into his home and we taught him the first
lesson. we havent been able to find him but it was an amazing experience
for me. i learned a lot from that little moment. i love you all and am glad
that i have your support and i love getting here on mondays to read your
letters. i love you all and miss you all. as i exited the baptismal water
with emilio i realized something that i will never forget. after they shut
the doors emilio started swimming in the font lol i then took the words of
jesus saying become like a child in a whole different way. it is amazing
how pure and innocent shildren are. i am so thankful that i am here and
have the opportunity to learn and grow andd become more like a child. i
love you all and miss you. the gospel is true and rememver remember that
god is always ready to listen to us. we just have to dial his number.

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