Saturday, August 18, 2012

July 31, 2012

Hola muchachos.
      how is everything going? i hope it is going well because i have been praying for every body everynight. i am glad for the letters i have been recieving. it is so nice and stress relieving being able to talk to every one from home. i saw the pictures of my little niece and she is adorable! i cant believe im gonna miss all three of them groing up for two years. our teacher shared something with me that might have made me cry just a little bit. he said that all the children in the world are praying for me. he litterally adrressed his comment to me in front of the whole class. i guess he felt inspired to do so and i am glad he did. it is a big motivation. all i could think about was little jake and lily on their knees asking their heavenly father to be with uncle cort. kinda touching i am not sure though. dont wanna sound like a baby. 
     so happier news! i have gained ten pounds since entering the mtc. i am now 182 lbs. i know i know you are alll thinking that i look like lonnie now but that is not the case. i have gained ten pound but i do not know where it went. my belly is not bigger. my face is not wider and my companion says that my butt doesnt look fat so idk what to say? i guess i just hid it somewhere where no body can see it and i cant feel it. 
      so this week we had a district leave for peru and its tradition for people to leave hand me downs. this one missionary that asked how i was doing once gave me his seat cushion! idk why he gave it to me but he did. i have incredibly missed a soft seat. my butt has gotten so used to sitting in a hard seat that it was weird sitting in a soft one for a while. but all is well. looks like cash is still doing good and kile and his family are still being good kids. 
     kortny your the best cousin ever! always writing me and for the packages. your definately on my top five when i get back and get a phone. Dad and ali thank you for the dearelders and packages. the fudge is delicious and the cookies were awesome. mommy thank you for the packages and letters. every one was like what the heck when i opened my package and got frosting. but now that they are both gone they understand why. jajajaja 
       every night at ten thirty i start my prayers for the night. every night i kneel down and offer up the desires of my heart to my heavenly father and lord jesus christ. i never really developed a strong testimony of prayer but i can boldly testify that the power of prayer is real and that others feel the power of them. i testify that every day i feel the effects of them. i know without a doubt in my mind that jesus is the christ. it makes my heart sorrow that he had to suffer the pain of my transgressions but it puts into reality the love that god and his beloved son have for me. i am always greatful for that. i have started thinking about my savior as oft as possible and it sincerely makes a difference in my day. my savior carries me through the day. their are two sets of footprints going to meals but their is only one going every else during the day. i know that my saviors atonement is infinite and there is no end that it can not reach. i know that i have been called of god and that every one in any position is also called of god. there is no exception. i know that the lord blesses me daily and would bless me more and more if i would only ask in sincerity. i love my savior. i love you. i love god. mas cerca dios de ti, cerca de ti.

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