Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 14, 2012

Good Times at the MTC!

     how is every one doing? well it is just the same old same old here in the mtc. same routine everyday. except yesterday. yesterday i was eating breakfast and i was eating a scone, i dont even know what it is. but i was eating one cause my freind got one and it ripped my crown of my tooth. thanks a lot link. you should have warned me that eating bread would have taken off a tooth glued to my jaw with cement. so now i get to leave the mtc into the real world today and go to the dentist. i couldnt think of anything i would rather do on my p-day!!! :) but o well. 
      then yesterday i had to say good bye to three of the elders in our district because they are headed to the mtc in bogota colombia. it was really strange to tell you the truth. its amazing how close you can get to somebody in just six weeks. yes i have been here six weeks and it seems like it has been so much longer and so much shorter than that if that makes sense? i was talking to an elder and he asked me to remind him of something later on in the day, i said sure i will text you later. i cant even remember what a phone looks like. i cant believe that i even had one at one point. 
      then this week we got chewed out by our branch president. he said we are the worst zone he has ever had. first he got mad because elders had toys. thats understandable. then he made us throw away the hand me downs that we had received from previous mtc missionaries, ok. then he said we cant go to the motab production on sunday mornings because its only for sisters. then he released the zone leaders and called new zone leaders which are both from our district. it was a really rough sunday lol. he has been called of god and we are going to obey!! he is very rough and we got the full force of it this sunday. it feels like there is never anything new happening here in the mtc so i dont really know what to say :) 
      we got a new district this week and one elder went to a rival high school of mine. valley vista. although they did beat us once it was usually a blow out and a lot of clean trash talking between the teams. we were both number ten and right when we first saw each other we said, "hey number ten." turns out he is a really cool person and all of our high school dilemnas are in the past. this week me and elder robertson taught sunday school for our district about baptism. we shared about covenants and then read the account of the antinephilehis and them burying their weapons. i challenges the elders in our district to think of a weapon that they have in their lives that prevents them from staying true to their covenants and keeping the commandments. i then told them to bury them. just dig a hole and forget them. i challenge you to do the same. what swords do you have in yout life? figure it out and then bury. i love you all. kort i am sorry i havent written you back a whole lot but i appreciate the constant dear elders. thank you to all that write me!! it is so helpful and amazing to recieve letters from home.
 love, eldeer watson. 

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